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MGI 360 Ratings - MGI Research


First introduced in 2013, MGI 360 Ratings help finance and IT executives make more informed purchasing decisions for new and existing technology suppliers which minimizes risks and saves time and money.

MGI 360 Ratings score is a uniform 0 to 100 supplier rating system comprised of 149 unique data points. The scores condense hundreds of hours of research into simple, easy to understand ratings and recommendations to clearly demonstrate differences among software vendors.

MGI 360 Ratings impose the same evaluation standard on each rated company. Public or private, large or small, all companies are held to the same exact standard. Although ratings are comparable across markets to an extent, the numerical scores provided by MGI 360 Ratings are the most applicable within a given market. The overall score is comprised of five equally weighted major categories that account for up to 20 points in each the following areas:

  • Product – Product Breadth & Depth/Implementation/Support
  • Management – Management Team/Board of Directors/Overall Company Talent
  • Strategy – Strategy and Marketing
  • Sales – Sales and Distribution Channels
  • Finances – Financial Health

Additionally, analysts assign an outlook for each company:

  • Positive – we expect company prospects to improve
  • Negative – we expect company prospects to decline
  • Neutral – we expect company prospects to remain unchanged
  • Under Review – no opinion is formed as of yet

Each company rating includes user recommendations for the best use cases of a given solution and calls out in plain English when a product or vendor should be avoided.  Each company rating also provides bottom-line recommendations for how to get the most value from each vendor, regardless of their overall score. Also included are stack rankings of vendors to make it simple and easy to compare vendors and products.

The MGI 360 Ratings process is continuous, and the results are updated on an ongoing basis as new information about a supplier company becomes available. A company that operates in several markets is likely to have individual ratings for each market covered by MGI Research.

This comprehensive approach to rating technology vendors is objectively structured and gives business teams and IT professionals an expert view of a market, the leading vendors, and the tradeoffs that customers face when selecting a given solution.

Vendors do not pay to receive a rating. To learn more about the MGI 360 Rating methodology, click here.



MGI 360 Ratings help lower costs, save time, and reduce risks in evaluation processes. IT organizations use MGI 360 Ratings to create shortlists of potential suppliers, assess supplier risk, and identify promising new vendors. Vendors utilize MGI 360 Ratings to benchmark against peers and track their markets. Institutional investors use MGI 360 Ratings to get independent assessments of tech companies and identify new ideas.

The MGI 360 Ratings align with our primary research themes:

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Access to Ratings

MGI clients have access to the ratings for their subscription area(s) or as part of their advisory service. Vendors under coverage receive a courtesy report of their specific rating. Contact us for questions about the MGI 360 Ratings.

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